Erebus Haunted Attraction

Haunt with a Heart

When Michiganders think of Halloween, they think of Erebus the 4-story Haunted Attraction. Now for many charities, Erebus is known as “The Haunt With A Heart”™, by giving a $5.00 donation to your cause and a $3.00 discount to each of your supporters using your custom fundraising promo code. 

Let the success of Erebus work for you !!!!!

For some, this year will be their first experience at Erebus, but for tens of thousands it has become an annual pilgrimage. 

Erebus has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “largest walk through haunted attraction”. As a Global leader in the haunted attraction industry, Erebus has consistently garnered recognition as having one of the top haunts in the world. 

Nationally, Erebus has been featured on The Travel Channel along with the Bio Channel’s My Ghost Story and was named one of the "Top 10 Greatest Haunted Halloween Attractions" by Forbes Magazine. Locally, Erebus was voted “Best Nightlife/Haunted House” by viewers of WDIV and named “Best Haunted Attraction” by Real Detroit Weekly .

Once again this year, Erebus,"The Haunt With A Heart”™, is happy to be giving back to the community through our fundraising program that we feel would work easily in conjunction with your community assistance/outreach program. 

Simply sign up!  The program works like this:

1.  Get a promo code from Erebus that your supporters will enter when ordering tickets on line.  Your supporters can come out on any night except (Fridays and Saturdays) that we're open. When they use your promo code they will receive a $3.00 discount. And, in addition, your cause will receive $5.00 per person for every ticket sold. 
2. You market the fundraiser to everyone you know. Erebus has made promoting this program as easy as possible by creating a customized marketing plan specific to your cause and will be providing you with these marketing tools to help maximize your program’s success. These marketing tools keep the event in the forefront of the public’s mind through-out the year. 
3. At season's end you will receive a check for the total number of participants using your promo code.

It’s as easy as that. You raise funds while your supporters have fun!

We appreciate that you, yourself, may not be an active Halloween participant, but the tens of thousands of thrill seekers that make the trip to Erebus each year, can become potential supporters of your cause.

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